Pallavi Sidhra
Working out outdoors was my first reason to 'check out' Entertrain. The thrice a week program is well spaced out with strength training interspersed with yoga. And unlike the possible monotony of the gym that could set in - the cool thing here is that the trainers create a lot of variation so you are up and about at 6:30am with very little idea of what the next hour brings. The trainers are great, ever so encouraging and to add to the variation have been some other interesting workshops like Capoeira, Pilates, etc. introducing us to forms and styles not too familiar. Personally I am a lot more agile and active through the day. I slouch very rarely now whilst previously that was the ONLY posture I knew. And showing off my well turned out deltoids is a cool by product. Definitely recommended!!
Amit Shah
Perfect pazlace for holistic fitness believers..... It has helped me in increasing my stamina, endurance and flexibilty... Workouts which are actually absent in gyms. And the best part is its right in mist of mother nature with pristine sea side view. Love the functional training and yoga workouts....Great to be a part of Team Entertrain!
Entertrain's has a very well designed fitness schedule run by a group of extremely dedicated and professional people. I have seen my fitness levels jump up several notches post the workouts and would highly recommend Entertrain to anybody looking to lead a fitter and healthier life
Sandeep Hirani
Entertrain is a complete fitness program, which takes place thrice a week in the outdoors &is properly designed. The trainers are good & devoted to their work of training. Yoga is most needed & you never find it as part of any of the training programs, which is the unique thing at Entertrain.
Exercise for me was just doing household chores and going to work until I decided to give it some serious thought ENTERTRAIN was a one stop solution for my needs as it allowed me to pick up gradually .Basically it energized without getting exhausted.It is a perfect beginning for my day.