What is Integrated Fitness

Thanks to the tough working lives of cities we all have gradually drifted away from our natural selves. We have become the role we play. Entertrain programs are an attempt to bridge the gap between the adapted self and the natural self. Hence the phrase "Integrated Fitness". If someone is looking for a muscular or a chiseled body, Entertrain is definitely not the answer. It is an answer for someone who is looking for increasing stamina, endurance, core strength, calm mind and flexibility.

EnterTrain is incredibly stylish. It caters to a segment that is health conscious and believes in holistic fitness. Our aim is to give people alternative fun workout options to begin a healthy day. Energy and spirit of fit people around, possessing a sense of enthusiasm, calmness and positivity is just infectious. ENTERTRAIN workouts can't be found in most gyms, and thus this program allows you to visit a place you typically would not. In an age where technology and competition have taken over our active lifestyles, regular exercise give people a medium to physically inter-connect with each other, create balance & stay fit with healthy habits.